Learn about the cultivation and use of medical cannabis.

Welcome to Kushmastery.com, my name is Kushmaster D (KD). I am a cancer patient and legal cannabis user. I use high-grade, unadulterated, legal medicinal cannabis for the continued treatment of my cancer. You can read more about me and the background of kushmastery.com in the About section.

* This website is about the cultivation and use of medical cannabis.  It is important to me that you understand that! Because this site and its associated online platforms have nothing to do and don’t participate or support the use and distribution for commercial reasons. This is not meant to be judgmental, however, I have never sold weed, marijuana or cannabis to anyone and don’t plan on doing so.

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Gorilla Glue & Black Sugar

Black Sugar by Seedsman

The Black Sugar strain by Seedsman was a massive surprise in the most positive sense. Anyone who’s interested in a formidable medical cannabis cultivar to

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