Black Sugar by Seedsman

The Black Sugar strain by Seedsman was a massive surprise in the most positive sense. Anyone who’s interested in a formidable medical cannabis cultivar to treat all kinds of pain and insomnia, you should check out this amazing natural medicine. It seriously blew me away! Below is my Black Sugar review sharing my personal experiences, which are all thoroughly positive.

Black Sugar
Black Sugar by, mid Flower

In the following, I will share with you my personal experience with this strain regarding its medicinal effects as well as a few aspects to consider when growing a Black Sugar cannabis plant. Before we go there, though, let’s first check out some general details and info straight from the breeder.

Overview and Characteristics of Black Sugar by Seedsman

GENETICSBlack Domina x L.A OG x Critical
VARIETYMostly Indica
YIELDIndoors: 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 800 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHTup to 300 cm.
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME50 – 55 days
HARVEST MONTHlate September – early October
TASTE / FLAVOURFruity, Lemon, Orange, Skunk
EFFECTBody, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative
Another excellent medical cannabis strain: Black Sugar by Seedsman

I can attest to the flavor and taste being very fruity, lemon-citrus with a bit of a skunky undertone. When I tested the Black Sugar for the first time, the thick smoke was unexpected and even more so the fact that it was smooth as butter. I expected a heavy cough attack but nothing of that kind happened.

The Effects of Black Sugar – My Personal Experience

First of, the buds are super dense. I am not sure if that just happened by accident and due to the fact that I might have had the light driver going a bit too strong. We will talk about the growing aspects later, but I had mainlined this plant to 8 colas and it came with a few challenges. Those had nothing to do with the chearacteristics of the plant, but rather the conditions of my growing environment which is anything but optimal.

Anyway, there is good resin coverage and handling the Black Sugar buds comes with sticky fingers. For testing purposes, I used a RAW joint and a Volcano. At first, the effects seemed rather moderate and given the 20% THC content, one may feel a bit ‘disappointed’ at first – that however, changes very quickly about 15 minutes in! While not overpowering, I could immediately sense a deep relaxed feeling throughout my body. Coincidentally, I was also dealing with a gout attack at that point in time. The level of pain immediately dropped from very unpleasant to easily manageable. And it stayed that way for about 1.5 hours.

Black Sugar in Autopot
Black Sugar, indica-dominant medical cannabis cultivar in Autopot

As mentioned, the head-high wasn’t overpowering, but strong and you will likely feel much more inclined to rest up, relax or go straight to sleep. Depending on how tired you are, the Seedsman Black Sugar strain will assist you in any and all of these formidably.

Maybe after 10-20 minutes, it depends on the time of the day and whether I had eaten before or not, the indica properties kick in heavily and if you decide to to take a few more draws, you will likely find yourself in dreamland very quickly.

Other than the obligatory dry mouth, make sure you have access to good food because you will be longing for anything edible, the munchies are very strong.

Growing Black Sugar by Seedsman

Black Sugar Medical Cannabis
Treating insomnia and all kinds of inflammation/pain: Black Sugar by seedsman.

As usual, I used my regular grow setup: HLG600 Quantum Board with a 4.2 LightRail mover, Autopots with just water (no nutrients or additives) and SoHum Living Soil. The challenges I experiences during this Black Sugar grow had nothing to do with the plants, but my tents are in a portion of the attic which is unfinished. Getting the temps under control in the summer is a massive challenge, that’s why I run the lights during the night-time.

The Black Sugar seeds germinated without a problem using the wet paper-towel method. The main root emerged after 36 hours at which point I but the little seed into a Rapid Rooter surrounded by some HP ProMix. Within a few days, the seedling was going strong and off to a good start.

The vegetation phase was uneventful, I decided to go with an 8-way mainline. The Black Sugar plant responded without any issues to all kinds of training of which there is plenty when you mainline a plant. I struggled a little bit with the light intensity and ultimately decided to go down to about 35% driver capacity which also helped with the high temperature.

Black Sugar Video Photo Grow Journal

Throughout the flowering phase, the plant consistently stacked on super dense internodes. Overall, the size of the buds was not spectacular, but that was compensated by the density and weight. Also, I should have just stuck consequently to my mainlining – instead, in early Flower I decided to bend colas over to the side (just a little bit) to expose more of the lower buds. This is not necessarily wrong, but I wouldn’t do it again. As a general matter, I learned during this grow that I am probably better off just scrogging in the conventional way.

In sum, the plant seems very tolerable to all kinds of stress. The Black Sugar cannabis strain is a solid, robust grower and even new time cultivators will find handling this plant very easy.

Black Sugar by Seedsman

I wasn’t able to take too many pictures during the grow of my Black Sugar medical cannabis plant, but below is a video photo journal with some impressions during late Flower that you might find useful.

Black Sugar Cheat Sheet – Top 5 Facts

Black Sugar Fact Sheet

That’s it! I hope you find my Black Sugar review useful. Keep in mind, I only shared with you my personal experience. This medical cannabis strain might affect you differently, even though I am very confident that the general effects (relaxation, body high, reduction in inflammation and pain) are probably somewhat universal.

I can only highly recommend that you check out for their assortment of excellent medicinal cannabis cultivars. I have been their customer for several years and their products and services have always been exceptional. Read my full Seedsman review here.

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  1. You’ll see me as a regular… Thanks man

    I have a Black Sugar… Rose, from 1 of the lab guys… Wondering if it’s similar.

    1. It is similar, but the LA OG in the Seedsman cross makes it way more sedative, especially at higher consumption or low tolerance smokers.

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