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The following are data points and some findings I captured during my LSD Cannabis Strain Review. I got my LSD seeds from Seedsman in the UK, my default source for all things medicinal cannabis seeds. The LSD cultivar is quite popular for its potent indica effects and therefore I went into this grow with high expectations. And not to jump the gun, but I was not disappointed. Quite the opposite, the LSD by Barney’s Farm is an outstanding cannabis plant that is pretty forgiving to mistakes and copes well with the stress induced by mainlining and scrogging.

LSD Cannabis Strain
LSD by Barney’s Farm, mid Flower

As mentioned, because of the plant’s robustness, I can recommend the LSD strain even to novice growers. From sprouting to harvest, I had no issues whatsoever with this cultivar.

Overview and Characteristics of LSD by Barney’s Farm

BREEDER/BRANDBarney’s Farm Seeds
GENETICSSkunk #1 x Mazar
VARIETYMostly Indica
YIELDPreferred Indoor: 700 g/m2 .
PLANT HEIGHT90 – 100 cm (indoor)
GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
TASTE / FLAVOURChestnut, Musky
EFFECTCerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Psychedelic
AWARDSWinner Indica Cup 2008.

The LSD cannabis strain is not much of a ‘smeller’, but as the breeder indicates, the scent is rather musky, earthy with a hint of citrus. During the grow, even in late Flower, the smell was not as intense compared to most other medicinal cannabis strains I have grown myself. Once fully dried and cured, the aroma expectedly intensifies. The smoke is clean and smooth, but that’s also a result of the fact that I do not feed nutrients or additives.

The Effects of LSD Cannabis – My Personal Experience

Please take the following with a grain of salt, because what you are about to read is my personal experience and as such subjective. Tolerance, state of mind, metabolism, method of consumption, etc. are all factors that could make your own observations different from mine. I usually just smoke the flower or inhale with a Volcano. Also, my goals in using the LSD strain and cannabis in general is strictly of medicinal nature. Coincidentally, I was going through a gout attack when the LSD was finally done curing – therefore, I had first class medicine available right at the time I needed it most!

LSD Cannabis Strain Review
LSD Cannabis Plant in Flower

It doesn’t take long before you feel the first effects of the LSD cannabis. At first, the cerebral and body high seem fairly mild, but they become deeper and stronger over time and especially when you continue smoking. There is a point of inflection when you keep smoking, meaning the at first relaxing euphoric mood will gradually morph into comforting sleepiness. I wouldn’t call the LSD an insomnia killer – there might be better candidates for that – but it certainly helps falling asleep.

I personally did not experience any hallucinations, but that might be very different when you do dabs, oils. One thing is for sure though, this is a strong strain, make no mistake. The smoke is very pleasant, not much of an aroma or bouquet. Like I said, this is the perfect strain is you want to relax in the evenings or if you are dealing with migraines, headaches or any kind of inflammation (such as gout (in my case). I was able to manage an acute gout attack with this strain and a couple of Advil. The pain relieving effects came on literally within minutes and tuned agony into manageable discomfort.

Cola of mainlined LSD plant
Cola of mainlined LSD plant

My wife reported repeatedly that with only a couple of draws she was able to lessen the intensity of migraines and severe headaches. She also says it helps her sleeping.

Lastly, I want to point out that I have had excellent experiences with the LSD cannabis strain as a means to go into different meditative states. And, when feeling anxious or depressed, you can be certain that this amazing flower will provide gentle relief and put you into the right space. ‘Gentle’ is actually a good word to describe the LSD in general – despite the powerful effects, I never feel tipped off my center. So, while seemingly contradicting, I would describe the LSD from Barney’s Farm as both, powerful and gentle at the same time.

Growing the LSD Cannabis Plant

As mentioned, I got my LSD Cannabis seeds from Seedsman. By the way, for those of you who are interested, here is my full Seedsman Review. I started the seed, as usual, in a wet paper towel. After 48 hours, the seed had popped and root had emerged. It went straight into a Rapid Rooter surrounded by HP ProMix.

LSD by Barney’s Farm

After one week the LSD seedling moved into a larger pot with SoHum Living Soil. I usually until I have 5 full sets of leaves before I finally put my plants into their XL Autopots – I did exact same with this LSD plant. Again, from thereon out the plant got nothing but tap water, no nutrients or additives. I was using an HLG600H Quantum Board which I drive at anywhere from 20% to 60% depending on the stage of the plant and the individual plant’s needs.

I decided early on to mainline this LSD cannabis plant to eight colas. This requires putting the plant under a lot of stress because of all the ‘training’ in an attempt to grow symmetrically, meaning all eight colas should be equal in size and length, ideally. I succeeded in that, but had one hiccup later on when I accidentally damaged one of the colas, from which it fully recovered – however, it was ultimately noticeably smaller compared to its 7 sisters.

8-way mainlined LSD plant

The rest of the grow was completely uneventful, except for the aforementioned mishap which was clumsiness on my part (as usual…). I followed standard mainlining protocol as best as I could and the plant flowered out after about 11 weeks. That’s probably unusually long, temperature control remains a problem in my growing environment, plus the stress induced by mainlining the plant. Anyway, she grew into a nice looking plant with 8 sizable colas. I apologize for not being able to provide the total dry weight – the truth is, it’s something I don’t care too much about. I ended up with 4 large Infinity Jars, that’s plenty for my medicinal cannabis purposes. Going forward, though, I will capture more data, including yield.

LSD in XL Autopots

LSD Cannabis Strain Video Photo Grow Journal

I didn’t take too many pictures during this grow in which the LSD shared a tent with a mighty Cannatonic. Well, the images I did take are below lined up in a photo journal. Enjoy!

LSD Cannabis Cheat Sheet – Top 5 Facts

I hope you found my LSD Cannabis strain review helpful. If you have questions, please leave a comment. Make sure you check out the good people at Barney’s Farm and of course, Seedsman – they did and continue to do well with this exquisite cannabis cultivar. I pretty much share the sentiment you find online in other reviews of the LSD strain – all seem to be aligned on its potent effects on body and brain. It’s an excellent medicine, especially when trying to combat inflammation. If you like indica dominant cannabis strains, then you won’t be disappointed by the LSD.

To sum things up, below are my Top 5 Facts about the LSD by Barney’s Farm:

LSD Cannabis Strain Top 5 Facts

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