LSD Harvest, Drying And Curing

The LSD came out nice after 9 Weeks of Flowering. Obviously, one huge advantage of mainlining is the fact that the trimming process only takes a couple of minutes. The eight colas went into the drying tent for a week and then I put them into my beloved Infinity Jars with 62% Boveda pack.

The final weight came in at 150 grams dry. The buds are dense and ‘crispy’. I had a test smoke and this must be – hands down – one of the strongest strains I ever had. Beautiful effects, both cerebral and physically. That said, I usually like to cure my medicinal cannabis for at least a few weeks and ideally 3 months. When that is done, I will do a separate post with a review of the LSD by Barney’s Seeds Farm.

LSD Colas After Harvest, about 150 grams
LSD Going Into Infinity Jars

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