Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian – Ultimate Instructions Guide!

So, today we are going to start off the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian from the awesome folks at I did okay with my first two grow kits, so I’m excited to get this one going. In case you care reading up on my other mushroom grow kit journals, here is the link to the Mazatapec kit and the Golden Teacher kit diary.

Just like my previous orders from TruffleMagic, it took about 5 weeks for my purchase to arrive here. This is right in line with what is stated on their website in regard to shipping times to the US. And, we are presently experiencing the impact of COVID-19 which seems to slow down the mailing process. But like I said, I never had to wait any longer than what is explicitly stated on their website.

Let’s give this grow kit a try, shall we?

As always, as you follow along this Magic Mushroom grow kit Colombian journal, I strongly recommend that you quickly check the Magic Mushroom Growing Instructions provided directly from the vendor. It is very straight forward and it will help you to understand what you are about the read and see here.

Day 1:

In order to get you Colombian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit started, just follow these easy 5 steps I documented below:

  • Remove all the contents from the box
  • Take off the grow kit lid and make sure that you rinse it thoroughly under tap-water. Then, put your clean lid aside, because you will need it at a later point again
  • Take the kit and put it into the plastic bag – DO NOT add any water Just take the kit ‘as is’ and put it right into the plastic bag
  • Wrap the bag tightly around the kit
  • Put everything into a dark room and leave it there for 7 days. Ideally, have the kit placed on a heat mat and keep the temperature at or around 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day 7:

Alright, we are in full swing and things seem to go according to plan. It’s time to countdown to Phase 2; all you have to do is open the bag and spray the inside of the bag – NOT THE KIT ITSELF! – with a little bit of water. In my experience, stay on the conservative side. A couple of ‘sprays’ is enough. Don’t freak out if some water accidentally drops onto the kit, that’s fine – but like I said, do not spray onto the mycelium directly.

When that is done, put the bag with the kit back onto your heat mat. Fold over the top of the bag and secure it with the paperclips that came with the kit. Just look at the picture below and you will see what I mean.

Place your grow kit on a heat mat and keep the temp at 23 degrees Celsius

Day 11:

Here we go! Now, this may differ a little bit from kit to kit and strain to strain, but generally speaking, at this point you should see some well developed Colombian Magic Mushrooms coming out of the substrate. Depending on what strain your growing, typically within 3-6 days after you started misting the bag, you will see a rapid acceleration in both, the colonization of the kit as well as the growth of the individual mushrooms.

At this stage, these psilocybe cubensis colombian mushrooms can grow very fast so you need to keep an eye on the veils. Ideally, you want to harvest just before the veil drops. But of course, not all your mushrooms will mature at the exact same grow rate, so some might be close to veil drop while others might need a day longer.

Here are some pictures of these amazing Colombian Magic Mushrooms today:

Day 12:

Alright, just as expected, when I woke up this morning, these shrooms had grown enormously over night and they need to come out today. The veil did drop during the night on some of them, that’s usually a good indicator to move on and harvest your medicinal mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian – Video Journal

This may take a little bit of practice, but all you need to do is carefully twist and pull each shroom at a time. You might have a whole cluster of mushrooms in which case you simply remove the whole group/cluster at once by applying the same technique. Patience is key during this process, just take your time.

Make sure, to the extent that you can, that you remove all mushrooms growth above and within the substrate. You may have to use a sharp knife or scalpel for this process. I got myself a little assortment of shroom-tools which comes in very handy. While you’re at it, make sure you also remove any and all aborts – those are shrooms that are fully submerged in the mycelium but never reached the surface level. Try to get them out as carefully as possible without damaging the substrate.

Alright, have you pulled all your shrooms and removed all growth to prevent rot? Good, now it’s time to prepare your Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian for the second flush. All you need to do is fill the whole kit with cold tap water and then place the lid (the one you put aside right at the beginning) back on, but leave out one corner so you can drain all excess water. You do not want water collecting at the bottom of the kit, so make sure that you thoroughly drain the whole thing. You can then ‘close’ that one corner of the lid and close up the kit altogether.

Here is a summary of the steps I just described:

  • Remove the lid from the plastic bag. Put the plastic bag aside, you will need it again in a little while.
  • Proceed with the harvest of the shrooms and remove all aborts and extra growth to the extent that you can. This will prevent rot.
  • Put all your harvested shrooms on a paper-towel in a dark place. You can separate the caps from the stems and you can cut the stems in half – this will help speeding up the drying process. Just make sure everything is nicely spread out on the paper towels.
  • Then, you can prep your Colombian Magic Shroom Grow Kit for the next flush but simply filling it up with cold water and putting the lid back on.
  • Place the kit into a dark room for 12 hours, then drain all the water from the kit.
  • Now, just start the whole process over and follow the steps from Day 1 onward.

Day 15:

Okay, the Colombian Shroom kit was kept in a dark place with the plastic bag tightly wrapped around it. But look at the pics below! The second batch of mushrooms is already forming and some of them have developed a good size already. That means I need to give them more space. So, let’s unwrap the whole thing, place the kit on the bottom of the bag and then just fold the top over along the edges (as shown below in the last picture), and secure it with the paperclips.

Here are the today’s pics of the Colombian Magic Mushrooms ‘asking’ for more space:

Day 17:

Massive growth over the past couple of days and it’s time again to harvest those Colombian magic mushrooms that are ready to lose their veils. As you can see from the pics below, there’s now a whole bunch of shrooms all different in sizes. Just focus on the ones that are truly ready to come out and leave the others intact for now – give them a couple more days and they will be ready, too.

Here is a video photo journal capturing the journey of my first try of the Colombian Magic Mushroom Grow kit:

The pictures below are from this morning. I just pulled out the fully matured mushrooms, weighed them and put them on a paper-towel. I then just closed the bag up again with the paperclips and the kit went back on the heat mat for. It’s pretty awesome, this Colombian Magic Mushroom grow kit – well I guess that’s true for the grow kits I had from TruffleMagic, produces several rounds (or ‘flushes’) and the process couldn’t be more simple.

Well, for today I ended up with another 55 gr. of fresh Colombian shrooms and they look delicious!


I need to mention again that I am not interested – at least at this point – into having a ‘traditional tripping’ experience, if there’s such a thing. So, I cannot give testament to hallucinations and things of that kind.

The Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian by Trufflemagic was my second experience with shroom grow kits and I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. Keep in mind, I’m still very new to this and it takes a bit of practice. However, this kit was yet another excellent introduction to the world of magic mushrooms. I you just follow the simple instructions provided on the website, it’s virtual impossible to screw this up. This worked like a charm and I can’t wait to start my next medicinal mushroom growing adventure which will be the B+ strain. Trufflemagic delivered again and I can only highly recommend their products and services.

Click on the image below to find out more details and ordering info:

2 thoughts on “Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian – Ultimate Instructions Guide!”

  1. Im wondering when it says to rinse the lid under tap water at the start do i have to rinse it until it is just clean plastic? Theres a bunch of mycelium crap on the underside of the lid and the tap isnt enough to wash it off, so do i have to get a knife and scrape it all off or what?

    1. Hey there, I know what you mean and I wish I had the text book answer. But here is how I did it: Definitely do NOT use soap or anything, just rinse the whole thing under tap water and scrape off some of the larger pieces that are stuck on there. I would not use a knife or any tools, but perhaps just my fingernail to help a little bit here and there. There is no need to clean the lid to perfection. The point is to just clean things up a little bit, but als long as you give it a thorough rinse, you’re good.

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