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In order to find an effective treatment for my wife’s migraines I will be exploring the feasibility of using psilocybin. In parallel, my secondary goal is to find a dose that assists with spiritual practices, such as presence and awareness. In this grow journal, I will be keeping track of my progress in using the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit ‘Golden Teacher’ from the good people at

Day 1:

I carefully followed the instructions for the grow kit. It’s super easy. To start off, all you need to do is remove the lid of the kit and rinse it off with tap water. Then, place the open container in the plastic bag that comes with the kit. After that, it’s all just about waiting and watch what happens for the next 7 days. I have not put the kit on a heat-mat yet but will do so tomorrow. For now, the Golden Teacher grow kit sits in a cabinet to preserve darkness as the mushrooms should not be exposed to sunlight. Below are some pictures:

Day 7:

I got myself a Vivosun Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat combo and placed the whole kit on it. According the grow kit instructions, the ideal temperature of the substrate is around 23 degrees Celsius. This awesome heat mat has a sensor that you can just stick about 1″ into the substrate from where it takes the exact temperature. The mushrooms immediately responded to this improvement and started pinning within hours.

By the way, this is my third Vivosun Heat Mat, I have another two versions of this, but without the thermostat. I use those heat mats to start off medicinal cannabis plants seedlings.

Below are a few pictures I took yesterday. That’s when I started spraying the inside of the bag, carefully avoiding any water dropping onto the actual grow kit. Crazy, literally within a few hours, the heads of the mushrooms started forming and colonizing. Maybe 1/3″ within 3 hours. A little later, you could clearly see the colonies develop. It’s important not to add too much water, which could interfere with the growth. So far, everything looks great. I now need to study up on how to take mushroom spore prints. The idea is to take spore prints just before harvest.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Kit
Day 7: Pinning has started!
Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Golden Teacher
Within a few hours, these Golden Teacher mushrooms emerged

Day 11:

I only misted the bag once which seems plenty. It is absolutely incredible how well this Golden Teacher Grow Kit works and it’s essentially all hands-off. Well, when I woke up this morning, it was an amazing sight – look at the pics below and see how these magic mushrooms went into fruiting within just three days. Since I’m very new to this, I reached out to a bunch of trusted friends and asked them to evaluate how far out they are to harvest. I was told that the veil is about to pop and they should come out later this day. But one step at a time, for now, here is some mushroom eye candy:

Golden Teacher Grow Kit by Trufflemagic
Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Fruiting
Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Ready For Harvest
Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Ready For Harvest

Well, I heard back from some experienced medicinal mushroom growers and they told me that I should harvest by or before the end of the day. About 5 hours later, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot, because I saw that the veils on a couple of the larger shrooms had dropped. Here are a couple more pictures that I took during the first flush harvest of this Golden Teacher growkit.

Golden Teacher Shrooms Growkit
These psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are about to come out (lighter for scale)
The veil has dropped on some of the mushrooms…
The total ‘wet’ weight came out at 122gr.

The actual harvest of these mushrooms went well, but I need a bit more practice. I think it takes a couple of rounds to develop a the ‘proper technique’ when pulling them out of the substrate. I found the video below really helpful as it demonstrates the twist-and-pull method, for the lack of a better term when

How to harvest mushrooms from a grow kit from Get Magic on Vimeo.

“>harvesting mushrooms from a grow kit:

I ended up harvesting 122 grams of Golden Teachers. I decided to put 30 grams aside for immediate consumption and I left the rest to dry up up completely. I also cold-shocked the grow kit according to the instructions to initiate a second flush. You simply fill up the kit with cold water, put the lid back on and let it sit for 12 hours. Then, remove the lid in one corner and our out all excess water. After that, you simply start the whole process over, meaning I wrapped the plastic bag tightly around the kit and put it back on my temperature controlled heat mat.

Day 16:

New mushrooms are developing in the Golden Teacher grow kit, but the growth seems more sporadic and there are – as expected – fewer shrooms developing. In the meantime, the previously harvested Golden Teachers have dried up nicely. Amazing, how much mass they lost over the past couple of days, but then it’s not really surprising, because apparently freshly harvested mushrooms contain 90% water. Anyway, take a look at the pics below to see the shrooms fully dried:

After 5 days of drying, the size and weight reduced by a factor of 10
From roughly 90 grams wet to 6.72 grams dry after 5 days

Day 18

The second flush of the Golden Teacher grow kit is coming along nicely and I think it is time to pull those shrooms which are yet again close to dropping their veils. There are not that many, but they all look great and I seem to be a little bit less clumsy when pulling the mushrooms out of the mycelium, thank God! So, I went ahead and just harvested another 40 gram, focusing on those mushrooms which seemed ready to come out. There are still a bunch of others but those I will leave intact for not because they are only about 1/2 inch tall at this point. Below is a picture of the second flush I got out of the Golden Teacher grow kit by Trufflemagic:

Second flush with 40 grams of Golden Teachers

It’s funny, people warned me about the weird taste of magic mushrooms. I can’t say that I agree, I actually think they are quite tasty. I definitely prefer the taste of shrooms over the taste of truffles, but ultimately, I really like both variants. What I lack at this point is experience, but that’s about to change!

I ended up initiating a third flush, however, I must have used too much water. After a 3-4 days, I could tell that things are not going exactly as expected and I realized that I accidentally must have sprayed the bag with way too much water! A good lesson learned for next time!


I need to mention again that I am not interested – at least at this point – into having a ‘traditional tripping’ experience, if there’s such a thing. So, I cannot give testament to hallucinations and things of that kind.

The Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Golden Teacher by Trufflemagic was my very first experience with shrooms and I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. For a beginner like myself, this was an excellent introduction to the world of magic mushrooms. I you just follow the simple instructions provided on the website, it’s virtual impossible to screw this up.

This worked like a charm and I can’t wait to start my next grow kits, namely the Mazatapec and Colombian. The only thing I need to do differently next time is to be more careful when spraying the inside of the bag – the rest should be smooth sailing again.

Click on the image below to find out more details and ordering info:

A winner: the Magic Mushroom Golden Teacher Grow Kit by

10 thoughts on “Growing Guide For Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Golden Teacher”

  1. Hi, I would like to ask you how often did you spray water, you said that you misted once at the recap of day 11, does that means only once at day 7, or once a day since day 7?, I got myself this kit and I used another one (different kit) before, and I think I used too much water, any advice will be appreciated 🙂

    Thank you for the guide, it’s awesome and the pictures are really helpful 🙂

    1. Hi Ivan, thanks for the comment. Honestly, it really depends on how much moisture is already present inside the bag. So, for the first 7 days, I don’t spray at all. Then, on day 8 I spray the inside of the bag. Sometimes that is really all you need. And sometimes you might have to spray again a couple of days after the first round. You always want to see some moisture/water drops inside the bag, at the same time, make sure that water doesn’t collect at the bottom of the bag. If it does, get rid of it. I wish I could give you more specific guidance but it’s a little bit learning by doing. Let me know though if you have any further questions. When I receive my next grow kit, I will put a more detailed instructional video together, with pictures for each day so it will be easier to follow along.

  2. Did you take the pad out from under the kit after they started pinning or did you keep it on the pad till harvest. Thanks.

    1. Nicole, I left the kit on the heat mat until and throughout the harvesting period. Keep the temperature as consistent as possible and make sure you always see water drops inside your bag. Hope this helps. Best.

  3. Is It my imagination or is that lighter huge? Thank you for the post. I love TruffleMagic but their instructions are a little vague. This helped a lot. It’s been 7 days, time for the magic to happen.

    1. haha, well, the lighter is regular size, but it is in a toker-poker which makes it look larger I suppose. It’s a good point, though, so thank you for bringing that up! Hope everything worked out on your end and you got a decent yield.

  4. Hey, thanks for the useful guide – very informative and made the whole thing a lot easier.

    How did you dry your mushrooms after picking?

    1. So sorry, I didn’t get a notification that you had left a comment – my apologies for the delay in responding.

      Okay, so here is my drying standard procedure:

      1. Harvest the mushrooms and think about cutting the stems in halves (from the top to bottom, not horizontally) – also, cut the larger caps into smaller pieces. All this will significantly accelerate the drying process.
      2. Place your cut mushrooms on a paper towel, ideally, the pieces will not (or just barely) touch each other.
      3. Position a fan a LOW speed so that the air ABOVE the mushrooms is being moved – do NOT point the fan right at the mushrooms.
      4. Leave all this intact for 5 days.
      5. Optional: After 5 days of drying as described above, I put my mushroom pieces into a food dehydrator at the LOWEST heat setting (in my case 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and dry for another 10 hours.

      Step 5 is optional. If you don’t have or don’t prefer to use a food dehydrator, extend the five days described in Step 4 to as many days as it needs for your shrooms to dry up completely.

      Last point, make sure that the room in which you dry your shrooms is not super humid and within a reasonable temperature range.

      Hope this helps!
      Kushmaster D

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