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Finding high quality medical cannabis seeds can be tricky. I am no expert on this topic, but I essentially narrowed down my sources to three specific vendors, one of which is Seedsman, located in the UK. I have been their customer for several years now and had nothing but pleasant experiences. I hope you will find my Seedsman review below helpful and enticing enough to check out their assortment of high quality medicinal cannabis seeds.

Medical Cannabis Seeds From

Navigating the website and shop is straight forward. I actually just noticed that they must have updated their online presence, the site loads much faster than it used to. I’m glad that has been addressed, because that was a bit of a pain point in the past.

One thing that I really appreciate when browsing the webshop is the ability to filter medical cannabis strains by condition (and other criteria). Let’s say you are looking for something specific for the nighttime to help with sleep, but something that is also known to treat migraines and inflammation – well, the site allows you to filter on your specific criteria and narrow down you selection of appropriate strains to treat your condition or to trigger the desired therapeutic effects. I know some other cannabis seed-banks offer that functionality too, but not like Seedsman. This is a massive plus for me!

Ordering and Shipping from Seedsman

High cbd medical cannabis seeds

I placed a total of five orders of medical cannabis seeds and never had any issues whatsoever. It’s pretty much standard procedure, you just add the seeds of your choice into your cart, etc. However, and this is another aspect where Seedsman goes above and beyond – you get tons of extras and bonuses. I usually end up with twice as many seeds as I put in my initial order, just because of the bonuses. You definitely need to check out their promotions, because that’s where you can scoop up lots of extra high quality cannabis seeds. Also, take a look at their Help section for general questions around ordering, payment, shipments, etc.

My recommendation is that you pay via Bitcoin, which seems to be the most private and discrete way, but other options are available. If you end up using Bitcoin, you get the so called Super Bitcoin Bonus Bundle, which means extra savings, extra seeds and so on. 

What I really like is Seedsman’s stealth shipping, because stealth it is! For my last order, my seeds where discretely placed inside the original packaging of a toy, alongside the actual toy. Another time I got my seeds inside one of those bags that you can bunch up together and zip it up. Very crafty!

Quality of Seedsman Medical Cannabis Seeds

When I use the term ‘quality’ in conjunction with medical cannabis seeds, then I speak of my personal experience I had with them as a small time grower (2 plants at a time) and patient. All the seeds I purchased from Seedsman have sprouted thus far. Well, meaning that is all the seeds that I actually started up to this point, I have dozens of them waiting in my ‘seeds cabinet’ (see image), that’s because of all the promos I mentioned before. At this point, I think I’m good for the next 10 years!

Seedsman Medical Cannabis Seeds
My medical cannabis seeds cabinet

I must have grown about 20 medical cannabis plants with seeds purchased from Seedsman. I have not once had any issues with any of my plants, they all ultimately turned into beautiful, potent medicine for my continued treatment of cancer, gout, migraines and a number of other things. In my case, nothing is more effective to deal with those ailments than medicinal cannabis

Seedsman Customer Service

I had one issue with one specific batch of seeds which was the only exception to the rule – I had ordered 10 Cannatonic seeds and none of them sprouted. All other seeds of the same order did. When I contacted the Seedsman customer service, the issue was resolved within a day. They were extremely kind and offered a refund or a credit for the next order. I opted for the latter. As a side note: a few months later, the Cannatonic seeds were back in stock so I ordered a new batch – and as expected, all of them sprouted. 

Seedsman Review – Top 5 Facts

If I had to sum-up why I continue to trust Seedsman in all things medical cannabis seeds: I consistently receive high quality products discretely packaged and shipped, lots of of extra seeds, excellent customer service and a seed-webshop that allows me to do a tailored search to find the appropriate medicinal cannabis seeds to treat my conditions. If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a chance and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. 

Seedsman Review

I hope you find my Seedsman review helpful. One last thing, definitely also check out their Blog section, there are some excellent articles around the use and cultivation of medical cannabis.

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