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Finding trustworthy sources for hard to come by natural medicine can prove difficult – that is certainly true for the exploration of medicinal mushrooms and magic truffles, including so called magic mushrooms and truffles. In the following I will share my experience with one of Europe’s most known providers, TruffleMagic (, located in the Netherlands with worldwide shipping of their products.
TruffleMagic – a trusted source for medicinal magic truffles and magic mushrooms

Personally, my only goal is to explore micro-dosing strictly for medical reasons. Also, the fact of the matter is that we have several psilocybin mushroom strains growing naturally on our property. Eventually, I will know how to ID them, in the meantime though, I will continue to rely on Trufflemagic.

Before we start and to manage your expectations: I will not speak to the effects of magic mushrooms, legalities, tripping experiences, etc. – please educate yourself around your personal situation. I found the e-book below really helpful as it answers many common questions on topics that we won’t touch here.

Click on the image to download the free ebook – no sign-up required!

At this point, I have placed and received a total of five orders from TruffleMagic and I had zero issues whatsoever. To the contrary, I established a friendly and productive relationship with this family run company. I am not getting paid for writing this, but the fact of the matter is, my entire interactions with them have been thoroughly positive.

Navigating around on is easy, there are only three product categories (truffles, truffle grow kits, magic mushroom grow kits) as well as an FAQ and Blog section. You will quickly familiarize with all the products available. I also recommend that your read TruffleMagic’s About Page where they share more details around their mission. Expectedly, you will need to create an account before you can place an order…;-)


Everything is done via their webshop and it is straight forward. Like most other websites, you simply select the products of your choice and add them to the cart. In a next step, you will have to supply shipping and payment information. Make sure you get your address right and read up on the FAQs if you need detailed information.

My recommendation is that you use Bitcoin for payment, but all other common forms of payments are accepted.

After you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Trufflemagic, acknowledging that your order was received and is being processed. Please note: in my case, for all my orders I have placed there it took anywhere from 3-7 days before I received another email that my medicinal magic mushrooms or truffles are being processed for shipping.


At this point I have ordered a total of 6 times from the good people at Trufflemagic and all packages got here within 4-6 weeks after I had placed my orders. This is can feel very long, especially if you are anxiously waiting. However, just as stated on their website, depending on where you live, it simply just takes that much time.

I did not use the ‘tracking’ option, but that is certainly available for an extra fee. All goods were shipped discretely and arrived here in excellent condition. The contents could literally be anything and there are no signs or labels on the actual products that would indicate that you made a purchase at

Discrete Shipping from

Quality of Goods

I have ordered medical magic mushroom grow kits, magic truffle grow kits and fresh truffles and everything was of outstanding quality. Because I only use comparatively very small doses for medicinal reasons, I cannot speak to the therapeutic effects yet, but the first results are very promising.

The magic truffles I bought were always fresh, but please note, how dry or wet they are can vary greatly from strain to strain. I will do some detailed reviews on all the individuals products I purchased at Trufflemagic – in the meantime, check out my review of their amazing Mazatapec and Colombian Grow kits as well as the Golden Teacher kit. All the kits did exactly what they were supposed to do, I had no issues and can only highly recommend them, especially if you are new to the world of mycology.

Trufflemagic – Customer Service

The communication with the Trufflemagic Team happens via their ticketing system. I had a couple of questions during my first order, all of which were answered either the same or on the next business day. What I very much appreciate is the fact that you are dealing with real people and if you order on a more regular basis, you will get to know them. Since I had never any issues with my purchases I cannot speak to refunds, etc. , but just check their FAQs. What I can see from some of the reviews left by others, Trufflemagic always seemed to have come through.

On that note, though, I realize that some folks reported that they suspected that they got scammed – but in those cases, it seems that they just got frustrated because of the long wait it can take until the order arrived. Or, it might got held up at customs or it was confiscated altogether. That’s just not in Trufflemagic’s control, though, but they often get negative reviews because of that. I specifically commented on this issues – if you care, here is my Trufflemagic Review on Trustpilot.


Well, I feel you get the gist. I am a fan of this company and I had nothing but very good experiences with them so far. I hope my TruffleMagic review was helpful to you, I’d be happy to answer questions. In the meantime, just click on the image below and learn more about Trufflemagic:

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