Trufflemagic Utopia Magic Truffles Review

In my continued exploration of magic truffles and mushrooms for therapeutic purposes, I decided to go ahead and try something new, the so called Utopia strain. The following is an article outlining some of the ‘data points’ I was able to gather during my Utopia Magic Truffles Review – I hope they will be of help to you.

Before we dive in, though, please note that I will not be speaking to how well or not well I was tripping and how the Utopia fresh magic truffles compare to other kinds, such as the Hollandia, for example. First of all, I’m not interested into tripping and secondly, how much your are being affected when you ingest magic truffles (or mushrooms) depends on a lot things, such as your metabolism, whether you fasted or not, your state of mind, etc.

Utopia Magic Truffles Review
30 grams (two bags) of fresh Utopia truffles

Fresh Utopia Magic Truffles

Of course, I received my fresh Utopia truffles directly from Trufflemagic, my trusted source of all things medical mushrooms. As usual, it took about 6 weeks from the time my order was shipped until it arrived here. Certainly, this is a little bit on the longer side, but that’s in large part due to USPS delays in light of COVID-19. By the way, if you are interested, read-up on my full Trufflemagic Review.

Quality Fresh Magic Utopia Truffles
Quality fresh magic Utopia truffles

I had ordered several bags of Utopia truffles and they all arrived here in excellent condition. The individual packages were not labelled this time, for discretion purposes and the fact that I only ordered one specific kind of magic truffles (psilocybe utopia). Usually, the bags are labelled with the first letter of the strain, so you can easily tell them apart from one another. Each pack contains 15 grams of freshly harvested truffles.

Fresh Utopia Magic Truffles
Fresh Utopia Magic Truffles from Trufflemagic

Make sure you keep your truffles stored at room temperature or in the fridge until you are ready to consume them. Once you open a bag, you should either use them all immediately, or if that is not possible, store the opened bag in the fridge for a few days.

Making tea with Utopia Magic Truffles

As far as methods of ingestion are concerned, I strongly recommend that you educate yourself by ready the FAQs on the Trufflemagic website. This is a very useful resource with specific answers to this and many other questions. Personally, I either eat the truffles or I make a tea. This time I decided to go with the latter with 30 grams of fresh Utopia truffles, which is two bags. Below is a video that walk you through the process of how to make tea with magic truffles.

In a first step, I chopped up the chunks into smaller pieces and put everything into my nifty Kushmaster cup (if you don’t have a Kushmaster Cup, then you need to reconsider your life choices…;-)…just kidding) I boiled some water but then waited for about 5 minutes to let the water temperature come down a little bit. I then just poured the water slowly over the chopped up pieces.

Utopia Magic Truffles Review – Top 5 Facts

I hope you found my Utopia Magic Truffles Review helpful, even though I wasn’t going into things like how strong they are compared to other truffles and anything related to tripping. For me, the different kinds of magic truffles do different things, at different doses. My goal is to combat migraines and things like PTSD, cancer anxiety and depression, as well as finding a good dose to go into stillness and presence practice. And for those purposes, any products purchased from Trufflemagic have been of enormous help to me as I continue to do my own research.

Alright, below I summed-up my Top 5 facts of my Utopia Magic Truffles review and of course, this is just my personal opinion. But thus far, I haven’t been disappointed by the outstanding goods and services I received from Trufflemagic, so I encourage you to check them out and give them a shot.

Top 5 Facts of my Utopia Magic Truffles Review

And guess what, you can get three bags (that’s a total of 90 grams) of fresh Utopia Magic Truffles with a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 FREE’ deal at 40 Euros. Can’t beat that, so click on the image below for more details!

Utopia Magic Truffles Sale

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